Pentecostal Authors

Who we are? What we do?

All Authors must agree with our statement of faith.

Word of God
Holy Trinity


We believe the Bible is the infallible, inherent word of God.

Holy Trinity!

We believe God exists in three persons;  God the Father,

Jesus the Son of God,

and the Holy Ghost.

Man Sinned

Man Sinned!

We believe all mankind is born into sin and therefore separated from God.

Christ Crucified!

We believe Jesus sacrificed his life on the cross

thereby giving man the choice of eternal salvation.

Holy Ghost Fire


We believe in the baptism of the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.


We believe in the hope of the resurrection and the second coming of Christ.

Publishing Model

     Empowered Publications has developed our business model around Pentecostal writers who have a message to share, but do not have the necessary skills to share it.       There are three avenues of publishing; traditional publishing, vanity presses, and self publishing.      The traditional method of submitting to a large publishing company in the hopes of attracting an editor's attention is improbable. With ebook purchases on the rise, and fierce competition for shelf-space, the publishing industry is scrambling to restructure their publishing models. (Empowered Publications Inc. applauds any writer who earns a contract with one of the Big Six publishing giants.)      On the other end of the spectrum are Vanity Pressescharging thousands of dollars for mediocre edits and print-on-demand services.      We do NOT recommend their overpriced methods.      Somewhere in the middle are the tech-savy authors who self-publish. Unfortunately, poorly edited and unformatted books add to the marketing difficulties in this ever changing industry. Which do you choose? If you have the knowledge and the time, we recommend self publishing, but please hire a professional editor before you publish.


     Authors who publish with Empowered Publications benefit from our editors' combined 32 years of experience. Our formatting experts, and our graphic artists utilize thelatest software for specially designed book covers. Stock  photos and generic templates are NOT used. We assign  product ISBNs and LCCNs.      Our books are  available for purchase on several platforms.      Print books are distributed by Ingram Content Group. Generous wholesale discounts and a liberal return policy are incentives for bookstores to carry our titles.      Ebooks are published with Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Sony, and Apple.      Marketing teams target online consumers as well as patrons of brick and mortar stores.      Although marketing varies for each project, reviews are solicited, and catalog ads are purchased for every book. Press releases are issued upon publication. Additional marketing is performed on a book-by-book basis.      Royalties are paid to authors, after publishing and marketing costs are recovered.       Author’s personal testimony of salvation and the baptism of the Holy Ghost is required for all submissions.       Non-fiction: All non-fiction projects must be geared toward reaping the harvest, or for the edification of the church. We prefer submissions  from those with an established ministry, but will consider works from a lay person recommended by a minister personally known to us. Potential authors must agree with our Statement of Faith. No prosperity preaching.      Mail manuscripts to Empowered Publications Inc.,Attn: Acquisitions Editor, 529 County Road 31 Millry, Alabama 36558      or Email submissions to       Fiction:  For all ages. Fictional work must acknowledge God the Father, demonstrate salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ, and utilize the empowerment of the Holy Ghost in realistic conflicts. We accept historical, biblical, and  contemporary settings. We want to see stories where sin is conquered not glorified. Characters that arepre-salvation at the beginning should be wooed by the spirit. After salvation there should be an immediate change in their GMC. Sanctification should be shown as both instantaneous and gradual. Plots must be complex and character driven. Conflict should not end at salvation. Christians face more opposition from Satan than the lost.  Getting saved shouldn't be a quick fix, but it should make a drastic impact on character's lives. All work should be double spaced, written in third person or omniscient point of view. No first person. No paranormal. No speculative fiction.No vampires. No Amish. No poetry.      Send complete manuscript in .doc or .rtf format as an attachment along with a cover letter. Include word count, genre, brief author bio, and target audience to      or Mail manuscripts to Empowered Publications Inc., Attn: Acquisitions Editor, 529 County Road 31 Millry, Alabama 36558       Christian productions: Can be holiday oriented, or everyday occasion. We accept musicals, comedies, and dramas for both small and large casts.Adult, young adult, and children productions must be conservative in natureand agree with our Statement of Faith.      Please send a proposal and estimated date of completion to      or mail to Empowered Publications Inc.,Attn: Acquisitions Editor, 529 County Road 31 Millry, Alabama 36558



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